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Ready to Stop Feeling Guilty for:

✦ Doing something for yourself
✦ Saying a kind “No”
✦ Having healthy boundaries

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You feel:
 resentful that you are the one that does all.the.things
 afraid to speak up and ask for what you need
 overwhelmed, constantly exhausted, and potentially dealing with mystery health conditions
 unable to say no
 you have to put yourself last
 like you don’t have the space in your life to pursue your passions
 that you have to please everyone

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You feel so much pressure to be everything to everyone, and at the same time you feel like you have nothing to give to anyone because you’re running on empty…..but you have no idea how to break this cycle.


That leisurely morning yoga routine you wanted? Psshhht.  Non-existent.  Having time to take an art class or do something just for the joy of it? Laughable.  Sitting down to read, for pleasure? You have to be joking, right?!

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I’m Kim, and I’m here to help. Together through life coaching I’ll help you:

✦  establish (kind) boundaries

✦ ask for what you need & rediscover your voice

✦ stop hustling for your worthiness and realize you’ve been worthy all along (no hustle required)

✦ stop people pleasing and uncover your true values

✦ find your joy

✦ help you reconnect your mind, body, and spirit & learn to calm your mind and body to improve your health, holistically

What if it was actually possible to heal the root of these patterns that have kept you in overwhelm and exhaustion?  And what if now that you recognize it, you actually had the power to choose spaciousness, rest, and joy?


Make Space For You ✦

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”
— Robert Holden

Choose A New Path ✦

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What if you no longer felt like these expectations and demands control you, but that YOU could take your rightful power back and create a life you love?



✦ Isn’t it about time?