Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, never having time for yourself, and living your life according to everyone else’s expectations are not an inescapable part of being a woman.

I believe it’s possible as a woman to live from a place of deep internal nourishment and freedom that creates calm, ease, joy, presence, and vibrant health in your life.

I help ambitious, over-achieving women create space in their life to return to joy, health, and to start living life on their own terms instead of according to everyone else’s expectations.

You love others BIG and you give of yourself tirelessly. You have lots of plates spinning and a to-do list a mile long. If someone asks you to do something for them, you’re the Yes woman. You often feel your needs and desires aren’t as important as other people’s, and taking time to do something for yourself makes you feel guilty. You want more for your life than how you’re currently living, but you don’t know how to accomplish that without feeling like you’re disappointing others.

You’re in the right place if:

Kim K Headshots-Kim K Headshots-0041.jpg

Are afraid to say ‘No’

You constantly take on too much and overload yourself

Your to-do list never ends and there’s no space to rest

You don’t know how to create spaciousness in your life, even though you crave it

You love others big and give of yourself tirelessly, but you often feel your own needs and desires go unmet

You feel a constant pressure to meet others’ expectations (real or perceived)

You are feeling lost and you don’t know what you even want anymore

You feel guilty for taking any time for yourself

You’re constantly exhausted. You may even be dealing with some mysterious health issues that are puzzling the medical community.

You are afraid to speak up

You’re unable to pause and enjoy the present moment

You feel that your needs and desires aren’t as important as others’

What you really want is to be able to kindly and confidently say ‘No’ without feeling guilty. You want the space to rest, relax, and enjoy your life. You want to be able to pursue your passions and prioritize yourself while still loving others in your life well. You want to enjoy life instead of feeling like you’re merely checking off boxes on a very long to-do list.

You finally want to live life on your own terms instead of everyone else’s.

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A 1:1 Coaching Relationship With Me Will Help You:

Say ‘No’ without guilt

Regain your freedom and time to rest, play, and enjoy life

Realize you can prioritize yourself without guilt while still giving to the people you love from a place of overflow

Realize you have the power to choose and live a life that feels good to you

Stand in your power to create a life that reflects YOU and your passions, hopes, and dreams

Speak up and ask for what you want and need with kindness and confidence

Have clarity in your direction and desires, and learn how to prioritize and make space for them

Have healthy boundaries that infuse life and freedom into your relationships

Feel your emotions again - return to joy and vibrant life instead of one monotone shade of gray

Finally welcome rest and spaciousness instead of busyness as you realize you don’t have to do it all - and you most definitely don’t have to do it perfectly

Stand confidently in your own authority and no longer fear disappointing others or the need to bend to everyone else’s expectations

Feel peaceful, calm, and decrease your anxiety

You can step into your power to create a joyful, vibrant life that reflects YOUR deepest desires.

In fact, it is your birthright.

This Coaching Package Is For You If:

You want loving, kind support from a coach who is also able to be direct and hold you accountable to the changes you desire in your life.

You are open to diving deep and examining yourself and your patterns. You desire to get to the root of what has been keeping you stuck.

You are willing to put forth the effort required to apply the things you learn from our sessions in your daily life. You also accept that with change may come some discomfort, and that growth and change are a process.

You are desiring deep, holistic change in your life, and are open to exploring the mind-body connection.


Core Beliefs That Inform How I Work With Clients:

Be nice. Don’t rock the boat. Be modest. Don’t be too loud.  Stay quiet.  Don’t be too opinionated.  Don’t ever be angry. Make sure everyone likes you, no matter what it costs you.

For a lot of my life I bought into this conditioning hook, line, and sinker. -

Now I know: I can be kind-and sometimes kindness means confronting an injustice or oversight.  Kind does not always equal “nice” (I am not a doormat). The boat needs to be rocked sometimes, and sometimes I’m the one that’s gonna rock it.  My voice matters, my opinions matter, and I should be able to share them in a kind, confident way with others. Sometimes anger is justified and warranted.  I will not lash out at others, but I will honor my emotions and what they are communicating to me.  Not everyone is going to like me no matter how kind, respectful, and loving I am-and that is normal and A-OK.

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Sending love today~ keep rockin’ the boat!  XOXO, Kim

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You love others better when you are giving from a place of overflow instead of obligation.

You have the power to create a life that you love (you just need to learn to tap into it).

Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and you cannot be healthy or happy without addressing and integrating these key areas.

Emotions are not “bad” or “wrong” and are key indicators of areas needing attention, love, and care. Learning to allow healthy emotional expression is crucial for well-being.

Fearlessness is not attainable, but learning to practice courage in your life and having a healthier relationship with your fear is. It’s possible to untangle from your past fears and no longer allow fear to dictate your current reality.

Healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships, both with yourself and others.

You can trust yourself. You have the answers within you, and your mind and body are always communicating with you.

It is good to be human. Hiding your mistakes, failures, or endlessly striving to be perfect is not necessary; real connection with yourself and others comes from fully and deeply accepting yourself just as you are right now.



1:1 Coaching With Me Includes:

✦ A free 30-minute Discovery Call

We will use this time to answer any questions that you may have, to get to know each other a little bit, and to make sure we would be a good fit for working together.

✦ Pre-Session Workbook

This workbook will help us focus our time together and help us to co-create the goals that you’d like to reach during our three months together.

✦ One 90-minute initial session + five 60-minute sessions held bi-weekly where you will receive personalized 1:1 coaching with me. These sessions will be held via a phone conference system unless you are in the Richmond, VA area, in which case we can discuss if you’d prefer to meet in person.

During our sessions we will work together using a custom, individualized approach to remove any and all blocks that have kept you from standing confidently in your own authority, and empower you to do just that!

✦ Notes from each coaching session emailed to you as well as an optional call recording if you’d like to listen to our session again.

Having the notes and call recordings can help you more easily integrate the things you are learning into your daily life and create sustainability with the changes you are making.

✦ Voxer or Email support for the entirety of our three months of working together, with a 48-hour maximum reply time.

I want you to feel fully supported in between our sessions together and be able to easily ask any questions that may arise as you are integrating what you’re learning into your daily life.

✦ Practices offered after each session

Learning new things and gaining head knowledge is one thing, but actually changing your lived experience is another. The practices after the sessions help integrate what you’re learning into your daily life. They may include exercises, resources, journaling prompts, book recommendations, etc. - all tailored to your individual needs.


1 payment of $999


3 monthly payments of $350

Steps To Begin Working Together:

  1. Book a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call via the button below. In this call we will chat about where you’re at, where you want to go, and how I can help get you there. There is no obligation or pressure - it’s all about seeing if we’d be a good fit for each other.

  2. Follow the dial-in instructions in the email confirmation to call in to the conference line at the appointed day and time.

  3. If you decide to proceed forward with working together, you will receive detailed email instructions on the next steps!

If you have any further questions that were not addressed here, please feel free to send me a message on my contact page.

 Here’s What some of My Clients Are Saying:


"I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of coaches over the last 15 years and Kim is uniquely skilled in her ability to listen to her intuition and go deep with her clients. Kim provides a safe space to explore spaces and feelings that you may not have been aware of or had been unwilling to look at. One of the things that I love best about working with Kim is her deep and abiding focus on her clients and a passion for supporting women to uncover the stories that they have about their lives and the things that have kept them from truly showing up. If you have the chance to work with Kim, I cannot encourage you more - take the leap, you will be better for the experience." -Amanda Lipnack


"Kim has a strong, intuitive, and fiercely loving style of coaching that has helped me wake up to the beauty and power of my own yeses, nos, and inner authority. Before working with Kim I was crippled by my fears of rejection and not meeting other people’s standards. Kim helped me reclaim my life in such a way that I now feel more free, powerful, and trusting of myself. My business, health, and relationships have all benefited in BIG ways! I feel so blessed to have Kim in my corner, she’s a powerful ally for anyone ready to fully live!" -Mackenzie Eason


“I couldn't be more grateful that I made the decision to work with Kim. I identify myself as a pretty driven, type-A person, and going through some life transitions this past year challenged this side of my personality in new ways. I struggled a lot with not getting everything I wanted to done personally and professionally. Kim helped me get honest about what was going on at the root - something she's great at helping me identify no matter what I bring to the session. As a result, I've been able to extend more grace to myself and choose a new mindset that has brought me more freedom and joy. Kim has also greatly helped me with setting boundaries and using my voice - two areas where I felt lost & vulnerable. She was an amazing support when I put what I learned about healthy boundaries in our coaching sessions into practice and set some boundaries personally and professionally. Due to her help, I now feel a lot more confident trusting myself & what my body is telling me, and more joyful as I continually feeling safer to be myself.” -Beth Moore

Trust your soul’s gentle prompting. Listen to the voice within. It’s time to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.