Healthy Boundaries With Kindness and Confidence

4 week group coaching course

October 16-November 6, 2019 


Feeling spacious, joyfully present in the moment, in control of your own life, and able to honor your wants and needs without guilt does not happen by color-coding your day and somehow magically finding more time in your jam-packed schedule.

Learning how to say No and have healthy boundaries with kindness and confidence is the beginning of rest, joy, health, and the freedom that you crave.

You’ve likely tried everything: color-coding your schedule, waking up earlier, staying up later, every time-management hack that you can find, and yet, you STILL feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. You feel:

  • Exhausted

  • Unable to spend time doing what you’d really enjoy

  • Afraid to say No because you’d feel guilty and like you’re disappointing others

  • A constant pressure to meet others expectations

  • Unable to be present in the moment (always one more thing to check off that to-do list)

  • Scared to speak up and ask for what you want and need

All of the things that you’ve tried up until this point have still left you on the same treadmill of exhaustion and here’s why:

Being able to have freedom and space in your life depends more on your ability to say no than manage your calendar, and your ability to say no depends on you knowing and standing in your worth.


You have to believe deep in your bones that you are just as worthy as everyone else, your needs are just as important, your time just as valuable, and your life just as impactful. When you believe those things, speaking up with kindness and confidence comes with ease because your actions will always follow your beliefs.

My 4 week course “Healthy Boundaries with Kindness and Confidence” gets to the root of what keeps you exhausted, afraid to say no, feeling an overwhelming pressure to please, and unable to be present in your own life so that you can shift those underlying beliefs and finally live in freedom. The result? You go from overwhelmed to calmly present in the moment. Unable to say no to speaking up with ease and confidence. Unable to find the time to do things you enjoy to prioritizing those things without guilt.

Course Outline

Each week you will be given:

  • A weekly lesson with multiple formats (you can choose which is best for your learning style): written transcript, or video.

  • Extra weekly resources to enrich each week’s lesson and apply it to your life.

  • A LIVE mandatory group coaching call weekly every Wednesday evening. These coaching calls are mandatory because they help you apply what you’re learning and move from a head knowledge to experiential knowing that changes you from the inside out. On the group coaching calls I will also give further lessons, examples, and live group coaching that helps make what you’re learning much more personal and allows you to ask questions. I believe some of what we will be going over works much better when we work through your personal examples in a live format as well as have opportunities to practice what we are learning, and this format allows for those experiences. Call times to be determined. Calls will be 1 hour in length.

  • All course materials are yours to keep forever and are great to continue to reference as you learn and grow.

  • Ability to ask me questions directly at any time throughout the course. This is NOT an independent online course that is worked through by yourself-it is an interactive, group coaching course with access to me the entire time. I encourage you to ask as many questions as you need and want you to feel fully supported throughout this process. I want you to get the absolute most you can out of your investment and I truly care about your success!

Week 1 : Understanding your values / untangling from “shoulds” and expectations

Learn what exactly boundaries are, what your values are, and how to untangle what you value and desire from what others expect of you.

Week 2: Being Confident In Your Inherent Worthiness

Learn about why women have a tendency to people-please, where your worth really rests, what keeps you from believing you’re worthy, and how you can shift into resting in your inherent worthiness.

Week 3: Stop People-Pleasing

Learn about what genuine connection and belonging is and how to get it without people-pleasing (because this is a healthy human need).

Week 4: Boundaries Conversations in Real Life

Receive tried-and-true tips for healthy boundaries conversations, written transcripts to assist you, and real-time practice with boundaries conversations.


Option 1: Group course only

1 payment of $197

Option 2: group course + one sixty min.1:1 coaching session with Me

1 payment of $249

*this price is half off normal price for the first time I’ve run this course in this format, so snag it up! I will never run this course at this low of a price again! *

“I can’t thank Kim enough for her support and encouragement around setting boundaries. It gave me bravery to say things I’d been avoiding because in the beginning of setting boundaries it can feel scary. As a result, I was able to more quickly identify other toxic situations in my life. In the past I’ve felt like the only way I could love people was to take on their energy, their emotions, and carry all their stuff. But all that left me with was a really low capacity to love people in my life, including myself. I’m so grateful for Kim’s help because I’m walking away with more self-trust, confidence, and feeling empowered to continue bringing boundaries to other areas of my life”. -Beth Moore
— Beth Moore

I would love to partner with you to help you create space to return to joy, health, and start living your life on your own terms.

Space is limited. If you have any further questions that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to email me at