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Your alarm goes off in the morning and a sinking feeling hits you right in the gut the moment you think about today’s schedule.  You feel like you’re being suffocated in your own life by: 

taking care of everyone else except yourself

✦ the constant need to make everyone like you

✦ inability to rest and stop the hustle

✦ the never ending to-do list

✦ your inability to say no

✦ having no time or space in your life to pursue your passions and what brings you joy

✦ the overwhelm, stress, & anxiety

✦ the mystery health symptoms that seem to be cropping up out of nowhere

You are the responsible one.  You have followed the “rules”, you have played it safe, and you have done all the things everyone said you “should”.  In fact, you’ve been “shoulding” yourself your whole life.

Every day you run yourself ragged taking care of everyone else, and you get buried somewhere at the bottom of a very long to-do list.  You have spent so much time, energy, and efforts making sure everyone else is happy and well taken care of that you have no idea what your own desires for your life are anymore.  You have a low-grade anxiety that is always sitting in the pit of your stomach, and your mind seems to never stop turning. When you look at your life, you may not even see yourself anymore.

You’re left feeling like the only way to do what you really, really desire to with your life you have to go on vacation (and maybe never come back!)

For years I lived that way. I lived my life:

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pleasing everyone else and doing everything they wanted me to do

✦ valuing everyone else’s needs above my own

✦ in a constant state of overwhelm and stress which led my body to break down and a host of health problems

✦ feeling trapped in an endless cycle of monotony and forced to spend my life doing things I both didn’t care about and didn’t enjoy.

✦ living life for the next vacation

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Addiction in my family taught me very early on that I had to be the strong one, the fixer, and the one that held everything together.  If I didn’t hold everything together and if I didn’t take care of everyone else, who would?  My desires, my hopes, and my dreams were luxuries I never explored.  My own voice got lost in the midst of trying to survive.  I followed everyone’s advice for a successful life: I made straight A’s, graduated with all honors, completed college, got my doctorate in physical therapy, had a highly successful career, and yet, I felt that when I looked at my life, it wasn’t even my own-it was what everyone else wanted for me.  I couldn’t escape a nagging feeling that I was created for more, and that I had a unique voice to share with the world that I hadn’t even begun to listen to.  Following some very unexpected traumatic life changes, and determined to explore what more could look like, I quit my job and backpacked around the world by myself for four months.  The journey was as much an inner journey with myself and God as an outer one. Distancing myself from those outside voices that had been so loud my entire life, I was finally able to get clear on what I needed and wanted in my career, my relationships, my family, and my life.

I know sometimes it feels like there are no alternatives, but

you can change these patterns.

You may not be able to quit your job and backpack around the world by yourself (and such things aren’t sustainable for most people, anyhow!), but life can feel like:

✦  you have more to give those you love, because you’re giving from a full tank instead of an empty one

✦  a true reflection of what you really want (not what everyone else wants for you)

✦ you have healthy and life-giving boundaries

✦  you’re clear on who YOU are, what you want, and how to prioritize those things in your life

✦ you are able to ask for what you really want and need without fear

✦ you can drop the hustle and truly rest

✦ you are free to pursue the things that bring you joy

You’d be surprised-it’s even possible to do things YOU enjoy, AND still take care of those you love!

My deepest desire is for you to be able to live a life that feels good to you. I want you to be able to say No without guilt, create space in your life for rest and sheer enjoyment, let go of others peoples expectations, and finally feel free to live life on your terms. Why do I want to help you so badly, and why am I uniquely qualified to help?

I have over 15 years of intimate experience and knowledge with human development, anatomy, physiology, and psychology, including a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and a coaching certification all contributing to a deep understanding of the body/mind connection. I am able to use my extensive years of study, hands-on experience, decade of experience in physical therapy, and hundreds of hours of coaching women along with my deep intuition into each and every session we have together.

 ✦ After many years of lacking boundaries, people-pleasing, health complications secondary to stress, & not standing in authority over my own life, I have healed & created a life that I love on my own terms-and now I help you do the same.

✦ Courageous Living Coaching Certified Coach

✦ Mentor Coach for Courageous Living Coaching Program in 2019

✦ successful career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for over a decade where I have taken a holistic, comprehensive approach in patient care and seen the effects of the mind/body connection first hand

My superpower is to see the patterns in your life and help you uncover what’s under it so you can heal those places and have the freedom to choose a new path!

I listen to you (even the things you don’t say), show up for you completely (we are in this together, and I’m committed to your journey), and offer holistic coaching that goes deeper than a pragmatic fix to addressing the root of what what been keeping you stuck. 


And just in case you are dying to know more about my life:


my husband paul

I met my husband on a solo travel journey when I finally let go of all the “shoulds” I had been living under and followed my true heart for adventure. He is my best adventure yet.



Travel is my absolute favorite thing. I love experiencing new cultures, meeting locals, and going off the beaten path!



Yoga. Give me all the yoga. And throw some rock climbing in there while you’re at it.



I am a total foodie. I love organic, whole foods, and will go to my local organic grocery store just to lift my spirits on hard days.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.  If you feel ready to take a step towards finally creating space in your life to return to joy, health, and start living your life on your own terms, sign up for a free discovery call. In this call we will look at where you’re at, where you want to go, and how I can help you get there. There is no pressure or obligation-it’s all about seeing if we are a good fit for each other!